Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 5.49.16 PMGuns seem to be trending in New York theaters this spring. Yes, guns.

Steven Soderbergh may have retired from the world of filmmaking (after setting the LES back 100 years), but luckily that doesn’t seem to extend to the world of theater. Tickets are now  for the world premiere of the Soderbergh-directed The Library, which is set to run at The Public from March 27 to April 27 (use the code EARLY before March 25 to get your $15 discount – then use that extra cash to see a movie not directed by Soderbergh).

Starring movie star Chloë Grace Moretz, the play follows the survivor of a high-school shooting as she attempts to tell her harrowing story while battling with the way she is portrayed in the media. A narrative that sheds light on an oft-discussed societal issue? Sounds like prime Soderbergh material (e.g. Traffic, Side Effects, Contagion).

guns-a-cabaret_edited-1Want an evening of theatre about guns that isn’t all doom and gloom? Check out GUNS: A CABARET, which runs March 7 to March 9 at The Club at La MaMa. Written and performed by NYU students and graduates, GUNS tackles America’s relationship with firearms through music. Touted as “part musical theater, part rock concert,” we imagine an evening that is dark and morbid with hints of hilarity. Perhaps Soderbergh will pop in to check out the competition before his show hits the stage.