LouReed 3It’s been a few months since we lost Lou Reed, and not even Morrissey’s cover of “Satellite of Love” has filled the void. But this should help:  and his Loser’s Lounge — who, in their 20 years, have paid homage to everyone from Burt Bacharach to The Muppets — are doing a tribute to Lou and the Velvets. Naturally, they’ll be going by the name “LOU-sers Lounge” as they perform favorites from the rock-n-roll animal’s repertoire at Joe’s Pub this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

If that isn’t enough of a fix, IFC Center is screening Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart on Tuesday. The 1998 installment of PBS’s “American Masters” series was directed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders — who’ll be at IFC for the 8 p.m. screening — and features interviews with David Bowie (who, it so happens, has also gotten a Loser’s Lounge tribute), Patti Smith (who has also covered Reed) and more.

Plus! Tune in tomorrow when we’ll have news of yet another tribute to Lou.