photo-7The real Marina Abramović is often busy chatting with the New Yorker about “being present,” making a film about James Franco and perfecting the Abramović Method, which mere mortals will soon be able to learn at the Marina Abramović Institute. Thankfully, the trend to imitate, pay tribute to or otherwise parody the famed performance artist means that we can always get our fix, even when the artist herself is not present.

If Lisa Kirk’s critical Abramović performance series at Invisible-Exports didn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps Bushwick Burlesque’s performance will. Tomorrow evening at Bizarre, “Limitless: A Marina Abramović Tribute” features burlesque acts reinterpreting several Abramović pieces in the style of “Absurdest [sic] Cabaret.” What could possibly be sexier than that?

According to the event’s Facebook page, “This is no tongue in cheek send up or Roast, by any means. This will be a heavy handed show.” Phew, for a second there we thought a burlesque interpretation of a serious artist’s work might come off as silly.