Welcome to Girls Talk, in which two of our favorite New Yorkers share the text messages they sent during this week’s episode of Girls.

Jessica Miglio/Courtesy of HBO

Jessica Miglio/Courtesy of HBO

Petra Collins takes a selfie

Petra Collins takes a selfie

The text in blue belongs to Lower East Side photographer Petra Collins. Recently, Petra received major press when Instagram took down one of her racy self portraits. Her magazine work has appeared in Rookie, Purple, Vice and Vogue Italia. She has designed clothing for American Apparel, and she’s working on her first book.

Jeanette Hayes takes a selfie

Jeanette Hayes takes a selfie

The text in white belongs to painter and multi-media artist Jeanette Hayes. Based in Soho, she has shown with Half Gallery, the Hole, Bleecker Street Arts Club, M&B Gallery, and Motelsalieri. Also, Hayes Hayes has made animated GIFs and videos for Proenza Schouler, CHANEL and Opening Ceremony.


Episode 3: “Dead Inside”
Hannah is at Millstreet Press to meet with her eBook editor, David. Their last meeting went swell — the venue was Sugar Shop — but in the interim, David crashed Hannah’s birthday party and started a fistfight. This should be interesting.






Shoshanna organizes her bandana collection while Jessa sits on her cousin’s couch, looking sullen.







Neither Adam nor Ray can believe how flippant Hannah is about David’s death.








After a morning of cardio, Marnie’s waiting tables at the coffee shop. That is, until she overhears her own voice and catches Ray and Hermie giggling over her mortifying music video. Marnie tells her bosses to screw themselves and quits: “Fancy people want to work with me so I’m going to give them that pleasure.”




Hannah and Laird chase Caroline through a cemetery, but the fun times come to an end when Caroline tells a heartbreaking (made-up) story about a deceased relative.




For the entire episode, Hannah’s been guilt-tripped about her selfish, apathetic reaction to David’s death. Back from her jaunt through the cemetery, Hannah sits next to Adam on the stoop and tries to explain her emotions, resorting to Caroline’s dead cousin lie (which Adam, Caroline’s brother, has probably heard).





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Correction: The original version of this post was revised to correct an error. Hannah’s meeting with her editor took place at Sugar Shop, not Dylan’s Candy Bar.