Everyone’s favorite connoisseur of all things retro and nostalgic, Mr. Throwback, gives us his weekly blast from the past.

Mr. Throwback has had an eventful few days: he made a cameo appearance on the Jumbotron at the Garden and then Allan Houston, assistant GM of the Knicks, dropped off a jersey [update: not really! Mr. Throwback was just kidding around on Instagram] at his store. And yet he still found time to make his throwback pick of the week.

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned ’90s coming-of-age movie, which is perhaps why Mr. Throwback loves the 1993 classic, The Sandlot. The film tells the story of young Scotty Smalls who moves to a new town with dreams of playing baseball despite his lack of natural athletic ability. Luckily, local baseball hero Benny Rodriquez takes Scotty under his wing and soon the gang of neighborhood baseball enthusiasts accepts the newbie. However, disaster strikes when Scotty hits a baseball signed by Babe Ruth into the backyard inhabited by the infamous ball-eating dog, The Beast. This film has got it all: our national pastime, a freakishly large dog, a sexy lifeguard and James Earl Jones. Here are Mr. Throwback’s favorite moments from The Sandlot:

Not only do I love summer and playing baseball, I also love how all these kids hung out and made fun of each other – I love some good banter between friends.

I have three favorite parts in this movie:

3. I don’t condone tobacco use, but when the kids are all at the amusement park and they try chew and go on the ride and are having the best time and then they all throw up…. That is hilarious.

2. When they play ball against that quote, unquote “baseball team,” with the matching uniforms, and the two teams are going back and forth yelling at each other and Hamilton “Ham” Porter says, “You play ball like a girl!” I tingle inside when he says that… He gives me chills when he says that.

1. Everyone is gonna think I’m gonna go with Michael “Squints” Palladorous’s attempt to drown himself in order to make out with Wendy Peppercorn, but it’s not. It’s when all three boys are in the treehouse and Hamilton “Ham” Porter offers Scotty Smalls a s’more…

I watch this movie often – it’s on repeat in my store. Anyone who comes in has a definite connection with it. Even though most of these actors are no where except Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez (aka Louis Mendoza of The Mighty Ducks – another all-time favorite), they are all stored in Mr. Throwback’s heart.