Caveman playing at R Bar last night, courtesy of Bedford + Bowery's Instagram

Caveman playing at R Bar last night, courtesy of Bedford + Bowery’s Instagram

Local favorites Caveman played a “super secret” free show at R Bar yesterday evening, largely to bid farewell to their pals before heading out on tour with Phosphorescent. It was, in the words of Caveman guitarist Jimmy Carbonetti, “great vibes” all around… perhaps because members of the band had indulged in their invented beverage, The Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet consists of a shot of whiskey, then a shot of vodka, then a shot of tequila — all consumed as quickly as possible. Basically, it’s a nightmare – and I am, unfortunately, speaking from experience. Jimmy, who handcrafts guitars in his shop above the By Robert James store on the Lower East Side, has even named one of his axes “The Gauntlet,” proving the band’s allegiance to their concoction.

Fun fact: Caveman’s self-titled album is the only one on sale at the in Williamsburg. Matt Clark of White Rabbits, who will be joining the band on tour, is a sales associate there.

Have a glorious tour, fellas. We hope Phosphorescent can keep up.