(Photo: Daniel Maurer)


It was just five months ago that we breathlessly blogged David Schwimmer’s move-in, and now a bunch of his stuff is being moved out.

While we were enjoying a ramen burger on East Sixth Street this afternoon, we noticed workers taking boxes and what looked like a wrapped urn or potter out of Schwimmer’s controversial manse and loading them into the moving truck above. Surely Schwimmer — who recently won a “Celebrity Real Estate Lifetime Achievement Award” from Curbed for demolishing a townhouse that was bound for landmark status and replacing it with his 6-story lair — isn’t moving out already. After all, not all celebs are leaving the East Village: it may have lost Chloe Sevigny and Mary-Kate Olsen, but it has !

Or is this just a fake-out to get people to stop leaving anti-Friends graffiti on his front door’s front door?