(Photo: Natalie Weber)

(Photo: Natalie Weber)

Girls star Allison Williams did not come in character to her Q&A last night at Soho’s Apple Store. While we regretted the missed opportunity for a Marnie TED Talk, Williams was lovely — in a blousy, pink patterned dress, with black tights and heels — and her conversation with Harper’s BAZAAR executive editor Laura Brown was as silly as we could have hoped for. These were Williams’s best quips.

1. On Marnie’s music video: “That’s really her being dead serious. It is just awful. I am so proud of it.”

2. On the character played by co-star Adam Driver: “My friend now refers to guys as ‘an Adam.’ And it makes conversations so much shorter. ‘Oh he never wears a shirt and I’m never going to meet him. An Adam.'”

3. “At the first big award show we went to, I was shaking like a leaf… near urinating on the red carpet.”

4. An aside after explaining how excited she was to meet Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston: “Do you think I’d be able to find meth if I wanted it?”

5. “My goal in the near future/life is to be the highest-rated Uber customer. I’m a delight. I offer [drivers] a charger, mints, a water. A DVD player. ‘Could I perhaps interest you in a Pixar DVD?'”

6. “I’m very good at building IKEA furniture at my building and I take it really seriously. My parents are standing there watching in awe. My mom said, ‘You could do this for money.’ Then my dad said, ‘Do you really think that’s a good idea?'”

7. On the three-year-old who recently told Williams that she looked like a Disney princess: “It made my life. I’m done now. She said I looked like Belle because of the [season three] poster. I just think it’s cool that [Belle] read a book and walked at the same time. She’s like a modern woman on her iPhone.”

8. “Whenever I read a sex scene or something, I prepare my parents for it. I start out by saying it’s way worse than it is. ‘There are 11 of us, and it’s dark and scary. It’s like ‘I’m a Slave 4 U,” the Britney Spears video. It’s like the airplane scene in The Wolf on Wall Street.‘”

9. “I’ll be in every Jay-Z video from now on. I wish I’d been in Beyonce. Maybe just dancing next to them in ‘Drunk in Love.’ On the beach, drunkenly. Weirdly.”

10. On director Lena Dunham: “She’s so humble in her direction that she says, ‘OK, what I did in this scene that sucked was… What you did in that scene that sucked was…'”