(Photo: Susanna Howe)

(Photo: Susanna Howe)

A healthy, happy Larry Clark will set off his 71st birthday at Baby’s All Right in Williamsburg tonight with free food and drink. “By midnight we should all be fucked up,” his site promises.

The photographer-filmmaker has reason to celebrate: after a near death experience and major surgery, Clark had a minor epiphany and, earlier this month, sold off thousands of his 4×6 and 5×7 color prints for only $100 a piece — a gift to his fans who wouldn’t usually be able to afford his work.

“This is a pay back to all the skate rats and collectors who would like a souvenir, so I can die happy,” Clark said of the show at Leo Fitzpatrick ‘s Home Alone 2 gallery.

Once again Clark is being generous, so it’s your chance to thank him for that snapshot of Chloë Sevingy you scooped for a hundo or to mention how much you love Kids — after downing a few free cocktails, of course.

One of those impacted by Clark’s work is Baby’s All Right co-owner Zach Mexico, who opened the venue with Billy Jones in October. “I first saw Kids when I was in high school and it scared the shit out of me!” he told us. “I’ve been a fan of Larry ever since.”

Mexico’s venue has been on a tear lately. It’s been mentioned as a successor to 285 Kent, having thrown a string of parties and shows, including a shoegazing New Year’s Eve with Philadelphia buzzband Nothing and locals DIIV. (Clark’s event will feature a live set by Los Angeles band reVolt, who are releasing their debut 12” thisisnotrevolt.) Add to that, the venue just launched a food menu created by chef Ronald Murray, a veteran of Bouley and Acme. In addition to an array of “forward thinking bar food and ingredient-driven share plates” (see below) there are cocktails like a yerba-mate-powdered frozen Greyhound and a “Kamakura” that blends bourbon and matcha.

Who’s going to show up tonight, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., to get turnt up? Given that Clark just dodged a bullet and is back to full strength, we can only imagine that most of his New York-based celeb friends will trek over the Williamsburg Bridge, along with the bearded, unemployed, fabulous, curious, and typical open bar lurkers.