The cartoon above — just one installment in the “Rats on Cocaine” series — is so completely depraved it makes R. Crumb look like Mr. Rogers. And yet the folks at the New York No Limits Film Series saw fit to include it in this year’s NYNL summit, which hits The Wild Project this weekend.

If sadistic/schizophrenic rodents sexually abusing bloody stumps aren’t for you, then you probably won’t like “Motivational Growth,” either: the Best Special Effects winner at the L.A. New Wave International Film Festival imagines a suicidal man bonding with a Jabba the Hutt-like fungal growth. And you may or may not dig “Krutch,” a sexually explicit movie about disabled folks (the lead actress is Mia Gimp) that won “sexiest short” at the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of heartrending films in the series, as well — like “Indelible Lalita,” a documentary about a woman’s fight against cancer; “Only Daughter,” a feature about a prostitute looking for her father; and “Right There,” a doc in which teenagers return to their elementary school, P.S. 234, to remember the day the World Trade Center collapsed a few blocks away.

You can see the whole lineup here, and a trailer for the fest below.