Sure, de Blasio filled three top slots yesterday, but that’s not half as exciting his runner-up’s three new jams.

Jimmy McMillan snagged less than 2,000 votes and came in fifth on election day, but hey, it’s still better than Bloomberg did as a write-in. And he isn’t letting it get him down. The East Villager behind the Rent Is Too Damn High party just unleashed a trio of songs that are really kind of astonishing.

You’ll recall that Jimmy’s last single was a funky little exegesis on housing law, but on “Gimmie [sic] Some,” he trades righteous rage for stone cold sexy. Over a sort of 8-bit calypso beat that sounds like something a Koopa Troopa would shake its turtle tush to, Jimmy Mac assures a lovely lady that he would move that thing like that. Then, after a lot of grunting and groaning, he says, “Momma, you oughta see me now,” which is kind of disturbing when you think about it, but whatever. Just have a listen above.

His next jam, “I Can’t Take This” (below) is a tale of anguish that finds him doing what he does best — complaining that the rent is too damn high: “I’m paying all this money for rent,” he laments, “and I hear my neighbors making love through the walls.” And he can hear them flushing the toilet. “I can’t take it no more,” he breaks down. “Damn, I’m about to hurt somebody.”

And then there’s the third track. It’s a kind of extended jam that was probably composed on a keytar and doesn’t have any real lyrics. The off-the-cuff vocals find Jimmy going into Talking Heads territory, which sounds weird until you remember that David Byrne also thinks the rent is too damn high.