Mornin’, folks. Here’s what happened Over the Weekend.


(Photo: Scott Lynch)

As you may know from following B+B on Twitter, Barnes & Noble dropped news over the weekend that Morrissey would sign his new book at their Union Square location, only to say it was a big misunderstanding. Big mouth strikes again.

A 23-year-old man was stabbed to death in front of Zocalo Mexican Restaurant in South Williamsburg. [NYP]

The city is now releasing weekly crime maps that let you view incidents by precinct and location. But will it make up for ? [WSJ, ]

The NYC Housing Authority has moved to evict a 100-year-old woman who has lived in Rutgers Houses since 1964, claiming her son is unlawfully occupying her $219-a-month apartment while she actually lives in Italy. [NYDN]

Friends of the Lower East Side are lobbying to save 75 Essex Street. The Good Samaritan/Eastern District Dispensary building was recently put on the market for $21 million. [Epoch Times]

In a two-fer review, Adam Platt gives two stars each to New York Sushi Ko on the LES and East 12th Osteria in the East Village. [NY Mag]

Here are some hairy, scary photos from the NYC Beard and Mustache Competition at Irving Plaza. [Gothamist]

And a look at Mellow Pages, the workspace/library/”conversation hub” in Greenpoint. [Williamsburg-Greenpoint News + Arts]

Jonathan Coen, the former curator of 5Pointz known as Merez One, is curating Rag & Bone’s wall at Elizabeth and East Houston this month. [DNA Info]

Urban Market has opened a Williamsburg location, “offering hipsters and Hasids alike a place to stock up on everything from paper towels to truffle cheese.” [NYDN]