(Photo: Scott Lynch)

A job listing would seem to indicate that Williamsburg’s first Starbucks is plunking down at 405-409 Union Ave. [Eater]

Sources tell The Real Deal that Apple is “looking closely” at the building on the corner of Bedford Avenue and N 4th Street (across the street from the future Whole Foods) as the location of Brooklyn’s first Apple store. The building is already getting a Parm and an Umami Burger. [TRD]

The owner of a pet-bowl company wants to transform a steel factory at 319 Frost Street, in Williamsburg, into a 2,000-seat concert venue. [DNA Info]

A party celebrating a new website for ’80s underground rag the East Village Eye will feature a performance by Joey Arias and his Band and spoken word by Rene Ricard, Bob Holman, Glenn O’Brien, Max Blagg and Susana Sedgwick. Plus a special DJ set by Jaleel of TV on the Radio and more. Starts at 6 p.m. at Tammany Hall on Orchard St.; cover is $15. [Nonsense NYC]

A Lower East Side resident and school bus driver was caught in an underage sex chat sting. [DNA Info]

Two 26-story affordable housing towers on the Lower East Side have been sold for $279 million. [The Lo-Down]

Wilfrid weighs in on Empire Biscuit: “the biscuits are good–warm, fluffy, light. And ingredients are clearly made in-house. And the people are nice.” [At the Sign of the Pink Pig]

The co-owner of Grassroots Tavern hates Santacon: “We just lock the door until they go away.” [The Villager]

Shailene Woodley and Jared Leto chilled in the EV on Tuesday. [Just Jared]

Comedian Rob Delaney is a fan of B&H Dairy: “NYC is now bananas. Everything is developed and random parts of the city now feel like being on a space station in the year 3030. All I’m saying is that it’s nice to be in a place where an old person places a bowl of borscht in front of you and then you go do whatever else it is you do with your life.” [Immaculate Infatuation]