NYC Christmas Trees 2013: East Village

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

A newly elected councilwoman attempting to explain recent knockout attacks believes that for some African-Americans “the accomplishments of the Jewish community triggers feelings of resentment, and a sense that Jewish success is not also their success.” [DNA Info]

A Twitter account claiming to represent Castle Braid, the apartment complex that was the subject of the Post‘s recent piece about old hipsters vs. new hipsters, is running its mouth, but who’s really behind it? [NY Observer]

A 19-year-old says he was the victim of a gunpoint robbery on South 9th Street in Williamsburg. [Brooklyn Paper]

Are these the 7 best galleries in Bushwick? [Brokelyn]

DFA’s holiday dance party at Glasslands is, of course, sold out, but good news: there’ll be tickets at the door. [Brokelyn]

Meanwhile, DFA founder James Murphy has finished perfecting the espresso blend he’s been working on with Blue Bottle founder James Freeman. [Rolling Stone]

Here’s a round-up of new restaurants on the LES, including an “Italian-Chinese inspired restaurant/club combination” from the owners of Grotto. [The Lo-Down]

And here’s what’s opening soon on the LES, including a Cajun seafood spot called Claw Daddy’s. [The Lo-Down]

Meanwhile, the East Village just got a new Basque tapas bar off of Tompkins Square Park. [Eater]

And a restaurant devoted to nuggets as well! “Customers choose their protein (chicken, pork, catfish or mozzarella; $7 for eight), then select one of the coatings, which include a traditional panko breading, coconut, pretzel and even pulverized cheese crackers. The nuggets are deep fried then served with the customer’s choice of dipping sauce.” [Gothamist]

Iggy Pop’s tour riders include requests like “somebody dressed as Bob Hope doing fantastic Bob Hope impersonations.” [The Smoking Gun via Dangerous Minds]