(Courtesy Sarustar)

(Courtesy Sarustar)

Attention, Greenpoint shoppers! Between the Brooklyn Night Bazaar and the Greenpointers Holiday Market, this weekend is your big chance to load up on gifts while getting loaded.

The Brooklyn Night Bazaar has been called everything from a hipster fantasyland to a hipster playground to a hipster underground amusement park, and it won’t exactly be playing against type this weekend. Two new vendors will make their debut — one of which, Bittle & Burley, is a “stache tweeker” who fashions $55 beard and mustache brushes. Come to think of it, the mustache brush — which, naturally, has a mustache carved into the pine-wood handle — is the perfect way to groom the chin shrub you grew during Movember, and it was featured in NY Mag’s Shop-A-Matic Holiday Gift Guide last year. Tis the season to be tweezin’!

76And to fit the grooming theme, the band Grooms will take the stage Saturday night along with Au Revoir Simone, Spires, Splashh (on Friday night, TEEN takes the stage along with Forrest Fire, Splashh, and Valleys).

Ladies, we know what you’re thinking: stache brushes are great and all, but can you hook me up with a ring made with an acrylic denture tooth?

Look no further than the Greenpointers Holiday Market. On Sunday from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., more than 70 local vendors will convene in a loft at 67 West Street. One of them, Sarustar, sells the ring in question for just $75. And there’ll be stuff to sink your own teeth into as well — namely food from Adelina’s, Cafecito Bogotá, and Ovenly. Plus, rum drinks, beer, raffles, and — of course — terrarium workshops. See all the deets here.