(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

When Dijital Fix closed in the Williamsburg, explaining that their landlords were “hilariously” nearly tripling the rent, many wondered who’d pay so much to be tucked into the back of the mini-mall on Bedford Avenue.

Now we’ve got the answer: Idlewild Books, a language school and bookstore with locations in the Flatiron and Cobble Hill, will offer classes there starting in mid-January, according to its website.

The store — founded in 2008 by former UN media officer David Del Vecchio, who knows a thing or two about travel — offers foreign-language travel books and literature, so the many Euros who stroll Bedford Avenue will now be able to skip Spoonbill, in the same building, and snag livres en français.

As for the language lessons, $295 gets you eight weeks of 90-minute evening courses taught by native speakers. Various stages of French, Spanish and Italian are offered, as well as Arabic for beginners. You can register for them here.

Idlewild Books, 218 Bedford Ave., nr. N. 5th St.; (212) 414-8888