Dirck the Norseman, opening in Greenpoint next month, has all the makings of heaven on earth. At least for those who love all things beer. And Belgian fries. And old church pews around a wood-burning fireplace.

So, yeah, most of Brooklyn.

This seeming divine entity is the brainchild of Ed Raven, owner of beer importer Raven Imports and bottle shop Brouwerji Lane. Click through our slideshow to get your first look at the open drinking space, the keg chandeliers (rescued from a closing brewery in Massachusetts), the immense cold storage, and the hand-painted mural adorning a wall of the beer-making machine room.

The pub will host 16 beers on tap, about ten of which will be brewed on-site by Chris Prout, an employee of Brouwerji Lane, under the imprint Grain Terminal or, possibly, Greenpoint Beer and Ale. They also plan, the beer maven said, to sell a limited quantity of craft brews to quality restaurants in the neighboring area. And, more exciting for the casual pub-goer, eventually patrons will be able to fill individual champagne-style bottles of the unique brews to take home. And we haven’t even gotten to the food.

As it stands now, Raven says the kitchen will host a seafood bar with Belgian mussels (steamed in beer), smoked fish (Dirck would be proud), and other TBD offerings, as well as the aforementioned crispy fries with dipping sauces, charcuterie, a huge grill for various meats, and rotisserie chicken. (Seems safe to say there will be meat.)

If 16 varieties of beer, fried potatoes topped with mayonnaise, and roasted chicken isn’t your idea of heaven, there are some excellent yoga studios nearby. But for the rest of us, December can’t come soon enough.

Dirck the Norseman, 7 N. 15th St., at Kent Ave., Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Correction: The original version of this post was revised to correct the spelling of Dirck the Norseman.