1378803_629586530412143_503297906_nMatt Timms, organizer of legendary amateur-chef competitions, is hosting his third Painting Takedown. This time, instead of velvet paintings, talented artists — well, anyone with at least some confidence in their ability to wield a paint brush — are being challenged to smear canvases with their best interpretation of cats. It’s the next best thing to a cat cafe!

Don’t worry, if you “can’t paint cats” — the exact words of one tattoo artist whose unfortunate work will never see the light of day again, thanks to one SUPERB cover-up — you can still mow some spicy chili, alternate with swigs of ice-cold beer, and bid on paintings to support local animal shelters.

The competition starts at 6 p.m. on November 24 at Bushwick’s Active Space, at 566 Johnson Avenue. If you’re thinking of competing, Timms asks that you sign up by sending him an email at chilitakedown@gmail.com. Just don’t expect a quick response: the man is also MCing Williamsburg Alt-Toberfest — a day of live music, food and beer on the waterfront this Saturday — and hosting the 11th annual Chili Takedown at the Bell House on Nov. 17.