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We’d Say These Cat Paintings Are Cute, But That’s Just Scratching the Surface

Last night, we braved the frigid weather to preserve for posterity the first-ever Cat Painting Takedown at The Active Space in Bushwick. Nearly two dozen lucky individuals (including yours truly) went home with priceless, one-of-a-kind cat-centric artwork. With the ever frisky Matt Timms emceeing, more than 20 volunteer artists painted a surprisingly diverse set of feline portraits while an eager crowd of onlookers peered over their shoulders. All work was auctioned to benefit the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition and in the end Timms & Co. raised $2,800 for the no-kill shelter. Here, a look at the brilliantly bizarre night.

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Meowzers! There’s Going to Be a Cat Painting Takedown

1378803_629586530412143_503297906_nMatt Timms, organizer of legendary amateur-chef competitions, is hosting his third Painting Takedown. This time, instead of velvet paintings, talented artists — well, anyone with at least some confidence in their ability to wield a paint brush — are being challenged to smear canvases with their best interpretation of cats. It’s the next best thing to a cat cafe!

Don’t worry, if you “can’t paint cats” — the exact words of one tattoo artist whose unfortunate work will never see the light of day again, thanks to one SUPERB cover-up — you can still mow some spicy chili, alternate with swigs of ice-cold beer, and bid on paintings to support local animal shelters.
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