David Yoo, insdie Davey

David Yoo, insdie Davey’s Ice Cream, before his friends and family event tonight. (Photo: Natalie Rinn)

David Yoo has been having a “hell week” but he’s confident all the bad luck will freeze over by tomorrow, when he opens Davey’s Ice Cream on First Avenue.

Because of faulty equipment, no less than six slightly-off batches of Yoo’s frozen treats were lost to oblivion (each takes five to six hours to create), as well as untold gallons of milk. To make up for it, Yoo’s team was up until 5 a.m. last night mixing three new batches of his cold confections in time for a friends-and-family event tonight.

Where the ice cream magic is made. (Photo: Natalie Rinn)

Where the ice cream magic is made. (Photo: Natalie Rinn)

Yoo is opening with flavors like Mexican Vanilla, Chocolate-Chocolate (dark chocolate with chocolate flakes) and Strong Coffee (using single-origin Kenyan beans from Birch Coffee). Once his oven is working properly, he’ll also serve Roasted Pistachio ice cream and later add Watermelon Sorbet and seasonal fruit selections that can be gobbled from cups or fresh batter cones made on site.

You can eat Davey

You can eat Davey’s Ice Cream, or you could wear it, too. (Photo: Natalie Rinn)

And the good news doesn’t stop there: in coming weeks, Yoo will offer baked goods like brownies and cookies, and other frozen treats like soda floats, shakes and (get ready to really return to your childhood) ice cream cake, a business he hopes to get underway by November. Come wintertime, you can order a cup of homemade hot chocolate to cleanse your palette between treats.

Davey’s Ice Cream, 137 First Avenue, nr. St. Marks Place; (212) 228-8032. Open from noon to 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday and until midnight Friday through Sunday.