DumontBenefitUnion Pool has announced that it’s hosting a “celebration of the neighborhood’s most enduring and endearing restaurant” this Friday, and proceeds will go to a scholarship fund for the two young children of Colin Devlin, the Williamsburg restaurateur who ended his life last month.
Ten dollars at the door, which opens at 6 p.m., gets you into the 9 p.m. show featuring Dead Stars, Eastern Hollows, and American Darlings. And you’ll have the chance to win prizes from over two dozen shops and restaurants, including Campbell Cheese and Grocery, The Levee, and Beacon’s Closet.

Devlin’s death the many who’ve enjoyed his pioneering restaurants — DuMont, DuMont Burger and Dressler — and the many others who considered them and him an inspiration. “He kept doing an amazing job, over and over,” George Weld, owner of Egg and Parish Hall, told New York magazine in this week’s issue. “When I thought of how to grow a business, I thought of how he did it. He gave the people who worked for him all sorts of opportunities to grow, and he met needs in the community.”