ramen burger line

(Courtesy: Ramen Burger’s Instagram)

There’s an old saying: when a dog bites a man, that is not news. But when a man bites a ramen burger, that is news.

Not that this is surprising at all: lots-o-people lined up for Ramen Burger’s second week at Smorgasburg. In fact, Eater spotted folks hunkered down in an empty lot around 8 a.m., three hours before the batch of 360 burgers even went up for sale. People, please – it’s not like this is free fried chicken.

Eventually the line stretched all the way to the river, with tweeters reporting waits of two hours. The burgers sold out in three hours.

Best part: someone tried to sell a cronut to the flemmings (foodie lemmings? no?) Apparently the guy was a photographer, so we’re thinking he was there to create a cromen burger or whatever. That photo hasn’t surfaced yet, but if you want to look at the world’s first double ramen burger, here it is.