Last week, while Tim “Eater X” Janus took home a bronze at the Nathan’s hot-dog eating contest, his East Village roommate and fellow competitive eater Crazy Legs Conti was conspicuously absent from the eater’s table.

If you’re a fan of the man who still holds world titles in green beans (2.71 pounds in six minutes) and lumberjack breakfasts (5.5 pounds of buffet food in 12 minutes), worry not: Conti’s failure to qualify for Coney meant his stomach had room to spare this past weekend, and what better way to stuff it than with $1 pizza? It valiantly fortifies after a night of hard drinking and is patiently waiting in the fridge the next morning – more than we can say for hot dogs.

We took Crazy Legs to the five $1 slice joins around East 14th and First Avenue to see how they rank with a professional gurgitator. Watch our video to see who emerged victorious in the cheap-slice wars.

Video by Emma Mannheimer and Ali Castro