There’s a good chance that before you’ve finished watching the video above, professional skateboarder and event promoter Joel Meinholz will have hatched five new ideas.

As we followed the Milwaukee native around on a humid Sunday, he schemed something on each block – everything from a skateboarding play based on “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” to an initiative that would turn boring blocks into obstacle courses by adding transitions to existing architecture.

The previous night, Meinholz had organized one of his unpermited Bum Rush the Spot events at LES Coleman Skatepark. With generators powering the lights, hundreds of skaters showed up to the normally pitch black park to huck themselves around in hopes of winning free product.

Meinholz rides for local skate brand Hopps, founded by Jahmal Williams. Though the brand has a core following and fantastic art direction, smaller companies lack the revenue to support your average New Yorker. That’s why he created the Chocolate Sundays party ten years ago in Miami and recently launched it at The Flat in Williamsburg.

Check out the above video to find out where he spent the day skating before clocking in at Tiki Disco at the Panther Room in Williamsburg.

Video by Taji Ameen