This past Saturday, Spencer Walker, the author of the pickup-artist cookbook “Cook to Bang” (think Martha Stewart for the Tucker Max set) mingled with a group of about 80 people on a private rooftop in his home neighborhood of Williamsburg.

No, he wasn’t teaching them how to “bring out their date’s inner slut” through recipes like “Tap that ass-paragus soup” and “miso horny cod.” Walker insists that the supper club he produces with his friend Will Holloway is entirely separate from “Cook to Bang.”

Rather, the two were hosting an “Oyster Social” — their first rooftop dining extravaganza of 2013. With summer finally setting in, the Rooftop Supper Club had returned to the roof.

The two chefs started throwing the pop-up events last summer as a way to recreate the fine dining experience in a more communal, laidback setting. This season, they hope to throw an event at least once a month. The next, says Walker, is likely to be a sit-down garden party with a more traditional, multi-course menu.

As attractive Williamsburgers sucked and slurped slimy seabeasts amidst the jazzy strains of the Riley Mulherkar Quartet, we couldn’t help but feel that lust was in the air. Had Walker and Holloway cooked… to bang?

Maybe. Just maybe.

“We’ll sit a bunch of strangers together and hopefully by the end of the meal they’re friends – they’ll go out for drinks, they’ll date,” said Walker of the sunset shindigs.

The fact is, while Walker is no longer on the market, the inveterate ladies man knows better than anyone that the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. “The art of cooking to bang has definitely helped me get laid,” he said. “It does work. It has certainly made me stand out as a guy who’s worth dating.”

So what if the mollusks on Saturday’s menu weren’t Walker’s usual Sex Ninja Oysters or Oysters Rockefella Skank?

“I’ll say this – oysters are an aphrodisiac and they are fully endorsed by Cook to Bang,” said Walker, his blue eyes twinkling mischievously. “They do work.”