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A Record-Setting Banjo Picker Created These Fantastic Glass Paintings

Artist Doug Young was searching for a new medium when, at a flea market, he stumbled on an old painting on glass. This almost-lost technique was popular with decorative objects in the 19th century, but strangely had its heyday in the 1700s when China used it to produce Americana to sell to Americans. Cue lightbulb.
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James Murphy Releases Espresso Blend; Spike Lee On ‘Motherfucking Hipsters’


(Photo: Phillip Kalantzis Cope, on Flickr)

You can finally drink James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem‘s espresso blend at the newest location of Blue Bottle. [Grub Street]

City Councilmember Antonio Reynoso says he’s “not anti-development. I’m anti-irresponsible development, which is what we see in Williamsburg.” [Commercial Observer]

Spike Lee doesn’t like it when “”m—-f—–g hipsters” come into neighborhoods like Bushwick and change the name to East Williamsburg. “These Williamsburg m—–f—–s are changing the names,” he told a crowd at Pratt. [NY Daily News]

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How the Squatter in Our Basement Drove Us Out of New York


“The real thrill existed in our new found ability to reach the fridge while still in bed.”

I often wonder if we would have ever left Manhattan, had a strange man not been living in the basement of our apartment.

Living in the city is a surreal experience for most post-grads – high rise buildings full to the brim with clouds of marijuana, organic produce, and receipts from the local dry cleaner – and if our little corner of the Lower East Side was not one of the last safe places for stowaways, vagabonds, and migrant workers, perhaps we would have continued on with life the way it was; my girlfriend, Danielle, pushing papers for a small corporate law office, and me, pitching diversity inclusive initiatives to one of the last generations of old white men in corporate advertising.
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Joseph Latimore (Passerby, Panda) Has Opened Sensei, ‘For Artists and People Who Love Art’

Athena LaTocha's New Works, Installation View at Sensei Gallery. (Photo: Allyson Shiffman)

Athena LaTocha’s new works at Gallery Sensei. (Photo: Allyson Shiffman)

For every couple of dozen unpleasant openings and closings in LES, there’s one that manages to restore our faith in the neighborhood, if only for a glorious moment. Gallery Sensei, a 2,000 sq. ft. gallery and arts event space at 278 Grand Street, is one such opening. The permanent outpost of the art project of the same name, Sensei promises exhibitions, art events and even booze! Yes, there’s a charming bar in the back of the space ideal for discussing the works on view or how much your rent has gone up this month.
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Bushwick Is Becoming A Foodie Haven; Inside a Dilapidated Synagogue

Peanut Loves Tenny and Poky

(Photo: Roey Ahram on Flickr)

A woman was shot in the chest in a Bushwick building Sunday. [NY Daily News]

Police have released video of a man who allegedly assaulted a man in Williamsburg and robbed him of his phone on New Years. [DNA Info]

A look inside the historic but dilapidated Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Synagogue on the LES. [Curbed]

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Will Fussell Of Mood Rings Settled For This Tattoo Instead Of an Iggy Pop One

Welcome to Why That Tat?, in which we bring you the origin stories of the best/strangest/most hilarious/bizarre tattoos we encounter.

Will Fussell's mantra

Will Fussell’s mantra. (Photo: Allyson Shiffman)

When we last chatted with Will Fussell, the charming frontman of the band Mood Rings, we discovered he lives on a futon in his manager’s apartment and enjoys wearing turtlenecks. What we did not discover is that he has this totally awesome tattoo on his wrist. Yesterday evening, shortly before Will dug into a quinoa bowl at Dimes in LES, we asked our favorite eccentric weirdo, “Why that tat?”
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Greenpoint Ferry Update; Rosie Perez Remembers Her Bushwick Days

God Hates Kittens

(Photo: Dima James/Flickr)

Operators say busted anchor posts were responsible for the Greenpoint ferry ramp collapse, and there’s no telling when service will return. [NY Daily News]

Williamsburg’s latest luxury building features canvas wall coverings hand painted by artist Sebastian Vargas. [Curbed]

Inside William Scott Benoit’s home in a historic East Village synagogue. [Wall Street Journal]
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