(Photo: Daniel Savage)

Today in the best news imaginable: Max Fish owner Ulli Rimkus may be keeping the beloved dive bar on the Lower East Side.

Yesterday during our chat with Joseph Latimore, the owner of newly opened gallery/event space Sensei, the nightlife veteran broke the good news. “All of us who frequented the Fish over the years are hoping that it comes back,” Latimore said. “I know the owner was at one time considering Brooklyn, but she’s starting to look in the Lower East Side again.”

We called up Rimkus this afternoon for confirmation and though she says “it’s complicated,” she did confirm that yes, she’s poking around the LES to find a home for Max Fish 2.0.

A broker for 132 Metropolitan Avenue, where the art bar was poised to open on the same block as fellow Ludlow Street outcast the Living Room, declined to say whether the Fish was still vying for the space.

One thing’s for sure: It won’t be returning to 178 Ludlow, where Sweet Chick is due to open in late April or early May.

Let’s not crack the celebratory PBRs just yet, but this is a beacon of hope for all the Manhattan skaters, scenesters, artists and loveable deadbeats who called Max Fish home.