Photo: @jennababin, WNYC)

Picture yourself spice shopping with Padma Lakshmi and joking about how NYU’s Greenwich Village expansion plan is like a dose of cayenne to the eyes. Picture yourself getting private acting lessons from Philip Seymour Hoffman and saying, “Hey, do the ‘pigfuck’ line and I’ll pretend I’m John Sexton!” Picture yourself lunching with Bill Moyers, Fran Lebowitz or Lewis Lapham and keeping your hour and a half of conversation tightly focused on just how disastrous it would be if NYU added about 2 million square feet of new construction to two Greenwich Village superblocks, because, let’s face it, you’re too terrified to talk about anything else with them.

All of this could be yours thanks to a new silent auction that NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan is putting on. (The reserve for each: just $2,500!)
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