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Performance Picks: Juggalos, Kinky Basement Shows, and Macabre Burlesque


(photo: Theo Cote)

Kink Haüs
Now through October 14 at La Mama, 8 pm (some performances at 10 pm): $30+

It’s common for performances to happen at late-night dance parties, but how often does a performance piece contain its own party? It does at Gunnar Montana’s Kink Haüs, a sexually-exploratory show in La Mama’s literally underground theater that doubles as a  “brutal underground nightclub where no f*c ks are given.” Perhaps if you haven’t been to notorious Berlin nightclub Berghain, where there’s dancing upstairs and debauchery downstairs, this will be some kind of version of that. Or not. Only one way to find out. More →

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Midtown Sake Temple Sakagura Opens an Outpost in the East Village

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

When Robataya NY closed at the end of last year, the East Village lost one of its most distinctive restaurants, where barefoot cooks grilled food behind a semicircular bar and served it to diners with long paddles. But the establishment’s owners are turning lemons into lemonade, or rather rice into sake: Robataya has quietly been replaced by another beloved restaurant, an East Village outpost of Sakagura.

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Is This the Last Relic of the Hippies on St. Marks Place?

(Photo: Frank Mastropolo)

It couldn’t have been easy being a barber on St. Marks Place during the hippie era but somehow one shop has survived. Now called the St. Marks Barber Shop, the haircutter has been around since the 1960s or ’70s, according to Albert, one of the shop’s barbers.

Recovering hippies may recall when this was the Royal Unisex Barber Shop, located across St. Marks from the Electric Circus. A ghost sign, with mind-blowing psychedelic lettering, was covered by a new sign for the shop in 2017 but was recently resurrected.

For more ghost signs of the East Village and Lower East Side, check out our series.

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The Velvet Underground Experience Will Kick Off With a John Cale Q&A and a Tribute Concert

With the fifth anniversary of Lou Reed’s death coming up on Oct. 27, you may cringe at the idea of a Velvet Underground “experience” joining the ranks of the Color Factory,  the Dream Machine, the Egg House, and all the other gimmicky pop-ups that have been drawing lines of Instagrammers all over the city. Isn’t this the stuff of Ariana Grande? What, is there going to be a ball pit full of plastic bananas?
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With Two New Cafes, These Coffee Subscription Services Are No Longer Just Mailing It In

787 Coffee. (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Subscription boxes have been all the rage for years now, offering anything from cocktail ingredients to stuff to supposedly empower you when you’re single, delivered to your door on a recurring basis. Even beloved salami slingers Katz’s will bring pastrami to your doorstep every month. Now, some subscription companies have decided to branch out by opening physical storefronts in addition to their delivery services. Two coffee companies that offer subscriptions for whole or ground beans, Eleva and 787 Coffee, are both opening cafes this week, in Williamsburg and the East Village respectively.image.gif

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A Montauk Magazine Just Brought a Pop-Up Dive Bar to the East Village

(Photo: Summer Cartwright)

The trendy elusiveness of a pop-up and the grungy walls of a dive bar have combined to make The Boneyard, a spot in the East Village that’ll stay alive until October 6.

Unlike current pop-ups in the city, like Rihanna’s SAVAGE X FENTY lingerie brand, or Supreme’s exclusive day-only spots, The Boneyard is brought to you by a media outlet. Whalebone Magazine— a Montauk-based “publisher of fine prints,” according to its website– is behind the project. On the heels of its dive-bar issue, the outlet, which has an “about” section comprised of a few sentences and a “Nicholas Cage Losing His Shit” video, teamed up with Seagram’s 7 to really celebrate the grunge and grease of America’s favorite hole-in-the-walls.

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A Future Without Cisgender Men, and More Performance Picks


(image via Lorene Bouboushian / Facebook)

This Is It
Wednesday, September 26 at The Glove, 8:30 pm: $8

If you were planning on going to a show tonight and being rowdy and inattentive, I’d advise you not to come to The Glove. “I will pick you up and slide you down the stairs if you are shitty,” notes Lorene Bouboushian, the host for the evening of performance art, and you’d best heed their warning. So, get your respectful and enthusiastic self to Bushwick to see some weird and wonderful work by noise-drag performer Reagan Holiday, queer Latinx performance artist Sierra Ortega, multidisciplinary artist Rina Espiritu, and a butt-tastic collaboration between Lily Chambers and Hannah Kallenbach. More →

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Bushwick Open Studios and More Art This Week

(image via La Mama)

Inside Out Here
Opening Thursday, September 27 at La Mama Galleria. On view through October 20.

La Mama, the historic East Village theater space primarily known for presenting a range of experimental performance, also maintains a gallery space on Great Jones Street. Thursday, it will open Inside Out Here, an exhibition by multidisciplinary artists Devin N. Morris and Frederick Weston. Morris was born in 1986 and Weston in 1946, 40 years prior; uniting these two to create work around queerness, blackness, and how these communities have made space for themselves throughout history has made for a show that quite literally stretches across generations. More →

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At Sauce’s New Pizzeria, You Can Dunk Your Slices

(Photos courtesy of Sauce)

The East Village needs another pizzeria like a white pie needs extra cheese, but the latest one, Sauce Pizzeria, comes with a twist: True to the place’s name, slices and pies are served with a side of sauce.

You may know Sauce as a popular Italian restaurant on the Lower East Side. Owners Adam Elzer and Perry Rahbar will be offering some of that spot’s specialties (spaghetti bolognese, etc.) at this new spinoff. But the star of the menu is thin-crust pizza made with sourdough and organic malted flour.

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Performance Picks: Clowns, Immersive Aliens, and Comedy Comebacks


(image via Becca Bernard / Facebook)

Clown Cabaret
Thursday, September 20 at The Brick, 7 pm: $20

Ah, clowns. Perhaps one of the most misunderstood performance mediums, they’re most commonly thought of as just a strange part of circuses (or horror films), wearing red noses, white face paint, and large shoes. I just had a strange recollection of a time my mom volunteered to be a clown at my preschool or something, and she did in fact have to wear large floppy shoes. But it’s not always this way! Come see the many ways clowns can exist at an all-clown cabaret at The Brick in Williamsburg on Thursday night, presented as part of The Clown Theater Festival. There will be music, comedy, and other varieties of clownlike performance. Will everyone be wearing a red nose or will someone be subversive and spring for a different color? Only one way to find out. More →