Our little corner of the world is indisputably changing in a lot of ways. Some of that transformation is so very “ugh” for so, so many people. But hey, there’s a lot of posi stuff that’s happened across the country too, and these are developments that bode well for everyone. See: impressive new momentum for LGBT equality and lower crime rates, just to name a couple. In light of all these shifts, we’ve picked a handful of movies this week that might really get your gears grinding about societal evolution. Angst, provides an interesting example of a decline in certain forms of censorship while The Bronx Warriors is outlandish in its portrayal of a particular place that itself bears little resemblance to reality. And we’ve got a whole gaggle of films the demonstrate the real strides we’ve made when it comes to LGBT equality. And hey, even film itself is changing. Check these films and embrace it all, y’all.

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