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The Fantastic Soul Summit Festival Turned Fort Greene Park Into a Daytime Disco

Summer’s most joyous dance party lit up Fort Greene Park yesterday with the first of two Soul Summit Music Festivals, as thousands of people packed into the area around the Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument for an afternoon and evening of sweat, sexiness, food, nutcrackers, amazing outfits, and most all, dancing with abandon to a non-stop mix of classic house music. The Soul Summit crew have been throwing this party for 15 years now, and it just keeps getting bigger, with picnickers spread out in all directions.

The second Fort Greene Soul Summit will be on Sunday, August 12. If you want to dance, it’s best to come early, even right at 3pm when things get under way, and stake out a spot on the shaded dance plaza. The music goes until 8pm, but by 6:30pm or so there are so many people that it’s difficult to even get close to the action. Local vendors sell food, beverages, and various merchandise. Soul Summit is also headlining MoMA PS1’s Warm Up dance party this year, on Saturday, August 25.

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Art About America and More Exhibitions Opening This Week

(image via Con Artist Collective / Facebook)

Opening Wednesday, July 4 at Con Artist Collective, 7 pm to 11 pm.

The 4th of July falls on a Wednesday this year, which for the people with Real Jobs means you probably have to drink less than you would if it was on a weekend. It’s also admittedly a weird and unsettling time to have a holiday that’s supposed to celebrate patriotism and America when in just the past week families were torn apart, children were kept in cages, journalists were shot dead at a local newspaper, and a Supreme Court Justice who occasionally voted in non-conservative ways announced his retirement. Even so, it can be comforting to come together for a little merry-making. If you’re looking for something to do before or after a rooftop party, backyard BBQ, or other outdoor activity, the artists of Con Artist Collective are putting up a show appropriately all about America, whatever that might mean to them. More →

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Queer Intimacy From Mapplethorpe and Goldin, Plus More Art This Week

Hikaru Fujii, The Primary Fact, video still, 2018, seven-channel video, 73 min. Courtesy of the artist. (image via ISCP / Facebook)

The Primary Fact
Opening Tuesday, June 26 at the International Studio and Curatorial Program, 6 pm to 8 pm. On view through October 12.

Did you know there is a recently-excavated mass grave in Athens, Greece with contents dating back to 7 B.C., including “eighty shackled skeletons” with great teeth? Artist and current resident at the International Studio and Curatorial Program Hikaru Fujii does, and he’s spent a lot of time documenting and learning about this curious piece of history. The result of this work will be on view in The Primary Fact, the artist’s first solo exhibition in the U.S. It features predominantly video and photography, focusing on the “inconclusive scientific viewpoints” that have emerged about the grave, its contents, and its history. In addition to displaying actual imagery from the Athenian grave, Fujii also assembled a group of Greek men to recreate the choreographic moment of mass execution (presumably due to a political coup) that led to this grave in the first place. More →

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I Love the ‘Straighties,’ and More of This Week’s Performance Picks


(image via Stigma Unbound / Eventbrite)

Stigma Unbound: Pride
Thursday, June 21 at Secret Location, 8 pm: $15-30

You probably haven’t forgotten, but it’s Pride month. To sex-worker-centric event series Stigma Unbound, Pride means something more than merely slapping a rainbow flag onto your coffee mug or banner ad. “In contrast to corporate and official pride celebrations, we come together on this night to share personal stories and perspectives on what pride really means if you’re queer, a person of color, gender nonconforming, trans, or a sex worker,” they say. At a secret dungeon in Brooklyn, a variety of performances from sex workers and their allies will unfold, exploring topics such as queerness and trans identity, white supremacy, lost loved ones, and fantasy. After the show, the evening will turn into an inclusive, consent-focused, all-gender play party for those who want to engage in a little post-show steaminess. More →

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Frying Pan’s Sunset Park Bar Ups Its Game With Shuffleboard and More

(Photos courtesy of The Wheelhouse)

The endlessly evolving work-play complex that is Industry City has gotten some serious upgrades this summer. In addition to a new outdoor concert and comedy series from the Bell House, the sprawling Sunset Park buildings now house a gameroom complete with shuffleboard, basketball, and arcade consoles like Ms. Pac-Man and Asteroids.

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Art This Week: Disasters, Morir Soñando, a Different Dia:Beacon

(image via Fridman Gallery / Facebook)

Edge of Eden
Opening Wednesday, June 20 at Fridman Gallery, 6 pm to 8 pm. On view through July 20.

Maybe all your friends have been to Dia:Beacon, that trendy hub of Minimalist art just a hop, skip, and a jump upstate, but you haven’t made it yet. Fret not—there’s a way to experience it without figuring out how to convince your friend’s roommate to let you use their car. The art and the scenery will be rendered in paint as part of German painter Alina Grasmann’s solo exhibition at Fridman Gallery, Edge of Eden. The show has two components: large paintings of Dia:Beacon’s scenery and art with components of other notable paintings added in, and 40 small oil paintings of Agloe, a fictional New York town dreamt up to prevent map copyright that became real for a spell and then dissipated once more. Combined, the two painting series conjure a New York that’s outside the city and maybe even our reality. More →

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Dog Haus Is Giving Away Free Franks at Its New Soho Pop-Up

(Photos courtesy of Dog Haus)

As you may have noticed on Instagram, a so-called Hot Dog Bus has been dishing out free franks in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and will continue to do so every weekend through August. But what about Manhattanites who don’t want to fork over their hard-earned ducats for a dog? Enter Dog Haus, a Cali transplant that’ll be giving away freebies when it launches today, June 12.

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