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Protesters Blew Up Henry Kissinger’s Appearance at NYU

A protester disrupted Henry Kissinger’s appearance at an NYU business school event yesterday. Ethan Frankel, an NYU student, took the megaphone and announced he had interrupted the event to several dozen protesters at Gould Plaza.

In a video, Frankel can be seen standing up a few rows from the front and beginning to make a statement about Kissinger’s involvement in the Vietnam War, to groans from the crowd, before he was escorted out. Then another student stood up, yelling “Henry Kissinger, you have blood on your hands”; she also mentioned Kissinger’s involvement in the overthrow of the democratically elected President Allende in Chile, before being escorted out.

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Inside the Proud Boy Event That Sparked Violence Outside of Uptown GOP Club

(Photos: Carol Schaeffer)

The grand entrance was an assassination.

Gavin McInnes, the founder of the ultranationalist group the Proud Boys, spoke Friday night at the New York Metropolitan Republican Club on the Upper East Side. He barreled into the stately townhouse hall wielding a (fake?) katana. The event ended in the street brawls that the Proud Boys have come to be known for, and three arrests.

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Comedic Techno, Talking Rakes, and More Performance Picks


(photo by Patrick Arias, image via Facebook)

Queer As In Fuck You: Is It Halloween Yet?
Thursday, October 11 at Otto’s Shrunken Head, 10 pm: $5-10 suggested donation

No, it’s not technically Halloween yet (just a few more weeks!) but being in attendance at Vylette Tendency’s punk drag show Queer As In Fuck You (guest hosted this time by devilish drag demon God Complex) might make you forget that, as you’ll be surrounded with spooky, creative looks and costumes far as the eye can see. While most alternative drag takes place in Brooklyn nowadays, this show did win the Brooklyn Nightlife Award honor of “Best Reason To Leave Brooklyn,” so you know it’s worth making the trek to 14th and B for tiki drinks, alt vibes, and performances by Ms. Ter, Angelica Sundae, Mini Horrorwitz, and Richard Dicocko. More →

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Not All Customers Are Giving Amazon’s Brick-and-Mortar Store a 4-Star Review

(Photos: Erica Commisso)

The only way to describe Amazon’s 4-Star brick-and-mortar store is to say that it’s like stepping into the website, sort of empty and utilitarian, packed with things you didn’t know you wanted and probably don’t need. Except that bright yellow signs remind you that you do, in fact, need that mint green KitchenAid mixer or that Harry Potter Clue game.

Just like on the website, because you bought that Harry Potter game there’s an entirely irrelevant celebrity item beside it (like Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook), and beside that, a TV where you can watch Chrissy do whatever she does and binge-watch the entire Harry Potter series in 24 hours. Amazon really has captured the niche atmosphere of Walmart meets Paper Source meets Giant Tiger meets Barnes & Noble’s sale section right before closing.

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In a Venue With Noise Complaints, The Night Mayor's First Town Hall

(photo: Cassidy Dawn Graves)

“This is unprecedented,” said Guy Smith of Sutherland, a queer nightclub within East Williamsburg space 3 Dollar Bill. He’s talking about the first-ever Office of Nightlife Listening Tour, in which new “night mayor” Ariel Palitz and a slew of representatives from state and city agencies listen (and even respond) to what the community thinks about the state of nightlife, in the hopes of arriving at a “new beginning on how to approach nightlife as a whole together.”
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A Silent Disco Art Show, Glamorous Putin, And More Weekend Exhibitions

(screenshot via

Watermelon Melange
Opening Saturday, October 6 at 21 Ludlow Street, 7:30 pm to 10 pm. On view through October 7.

Have you ever been to a silent disco? You know, the kind of weird outdoor party where everyone’s wearing bulky headphones and dancing to the various channels of music blaring from them, making them look strange to any onlooker who doesn’t know what’s going on? This art exhibition by Mason Roberts, a painter from Perth, Australia whose 26,000 Instagram followers are equally likely to see both documentation of his artistic process and shirtless selfies, provides a somewhat similar experience. He’s partnered with lo-fi hip-hop artist Stirling Caiulo to create a multisensory artistic experience—don noise-canceling headphones and walk into a dark gallery, then you’ll hear beats n’ tunes while you steadily discover a series of paintings on display, lit by spotlights. More →

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RuPaul’s DragCon NYC Turns Javits Center From Drab to Fab

(Photo: Summer Cartwright)

It’s never too early for glitter buffets, BDSM photo ops or Lady Gaga. At least, it wasn’t too early at 4 p.m. today when we stopped by the Javits Center for a preview of RuPaul’s DragCon NYC.

The convention, devoted to all things drag queen, runs through the weekend, and includes vendors (makeup, wigs, glitter), personalities (RuPaul is, in fact, going to make an appearance) and shows (Mean Girls may have performed sexy “Jingle Bell Rock” first, but the queens and cast of the Broadway production took it to the next level).

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What Does It Take to Win the Miss Subways Pageant? A Lot of Training

This year’s Miss Subways pageant got an upgrade form its usual location, the backyard of City Reliquary, to a proper stage at Littlefield in Gowanus. Six “advocates and lovers of the NYC underground” represented their subway line and vied for this year’s title in City Reliquary’s cheeky nod to the MTA’s Miss Subways campaigns of 1941 to 1976.
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A Future Without Cisgender Men, and More Performance Picks


(image via Lorene Bouboushian / Facebook)

This Is It
Wednesday, September 26 at The Glove, 8:30 pm: $8

If you were planning on going to a show tonight and being rowdy and inattentive, I’d advise you not to come to The Glove. “I will pick you up and slide you down the stairs if you are shitty,” notes Lorene Bouboushian, the host for the evening of performance art, and you’d best heed their warning. So, get your respectful and enthusiastic self to Bushwick to see some weird and wonderful work by noise-drag performer Reagan Holiday, queer Latinx performance artist Sierra Ortega, multidisciplinary artist Rina Espiritu, and a butt-tastic collaboration between Lily Chambers and Hannah Kallenbach. More →