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Expats in the City: Why a Web Series About Migrant Comedians Really Hits Home

(Left to right) Franca Paschen, Giuditta Lattanzi, co-creators of “Critically Ashamed.

“How are you going to stay here?”

“Maybe I’ll marry you…” 

That line from Critically Ashamed’s season 2 premiere episode got a laugh from the audience, but it hit me a little closer to home. It’s the exact half-serious joke I’ve been making for two years. 

Critically Ashamed follows an immigrant comedian, Delia, as she tries to navigate the New York City comedy scene, making jokes and taking side jobs to try to make ends meet. The German expat’s stand-up routine relies, to some extent, on the differences between her culture and the American life into which she tries to assimilate. More →

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Greg Stone Taped His Standup Album at the Queens Bar Where He Once Poured Shots

“My mom says that when I was young, I used to walk around the house saying I was going to be a communist.” Greg Stone says. “Then she saw me watching Gallagher and realized I meant comedian, which I think hurt more.”

Greg Stone has a way of making his impressive career sound mediocre. Aside from his laundry list of appearances on Comedy Central and the like, he has written for The Break With Michelle Wolf and the 2018 White House Correspondents Dinner. You’d think that would merit some self-credit, but Stone won’t even answer a question about where he’s from without taking a carefully timed shot at himself. “I’m kind of from New York City–my dad lived in the Bronx and my mom lived in Bloomfield [New Jersey]. I officially moved to New York City when comedian Mike Vecchione told me I had to if I wanted to be good. So I did. I’m still not good, so Mike is a liar.”

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Is New York Really America’s 2nd Kindest City Or Is This Study Total Friggin Bull?

(Photo via City Reliquary/Facebook)

Grumpy, miserable, fast-moving, money-driven: Everyone has their idea about New Yorkers. But, a new study is busting every one of those stereotypes faster than you can say kindness.

According to the study, conducted by WalletHub, New York City is the second most caring city in America, behind Madison, Wisconsin. Using statistics from federal government agencies and various other sources, the finance website ranked the largest 100 cities in the world according to 38 factors indicating a “compassionate spirit.”

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Where to Stuff Your Face On National Cupcake Day

Cupcakes at Butter Lane (Photo: Corinne Durand for NY Mag)

Prepare yourselves, the most important snack-related day of December is quickly approaching. December 15 marks National Cupcake Day, better known in some circles as the best day ever, and New Yorkers everywhere should be celebrating. Now that cupcakes are making a comeback(?), this is a holiday that knows no divide except whether or not you like jelly in the middle of your cupcakes and, really, everybody wins either way. We’ve rounded up some of the east side’s best places to celebrate.

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Company Co-Founded By Amy Schumer Stages Some Short Attention Span Theater

(Photos courtesy of The Collective NY)

The closest thing I can think of to telling a story in 10 minutes is a Saturday Night Live skit, I tell Ross DeGraw and Sayra Player. They’re the artistic directors for The Collective NY, a theater company co-founded by Amy Schumer, and they’ve been working tirelessly to produce C:10, a series of 14 brand new, 10-minute plays.

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