(Photo via City Reliquary/Facebook)

Grumpy, miserable, fast-moving, money-driven: Everyone has their idea about New Yorkers. But, a new study is busting every one of those stereotypes faster than you can say kindness.

According to the study, conducted by WalletHub, New York City is the second most caring city in America, behind Madison, Wisconsin. Using statistics from federal government agencies and various other sources, the finance website ranked the largest 100 cities in the world according to 38 factors indicating a “compassionate spirit.”

In the “caring for the community” category, New Yorkers ranked the highest per capita in the country, as our propensity for online giving and Googling ways to donate to charity topped the charts. Property crime rates are the fourth lowest, and we’re fifth in the nation for volunteering hours per capita. Cue the shoulder taps.

This is a far cry from the faux-accolades New Yorkers typically receive. In 2015, Travel + Leisure voted the Big Apple the unfriendliest city. A few weeks ago, WalletHub also named it one of the most sinful cities in the country. On a more positive note, September saw the city beat out Seattle for the city with the best coffee in America. And, though it ranks very high in terms of food accessibility, diversity and quality, New York is one of the worst cities in the country in terms of food affordability.

There is, obviously, no doubt that things could still be different (and better) in the city, as WalletHub notes that New York still ranks 13th in the “caring for the vulnerable” category and 14th in the “caring in the workforce” category. Out of a possible 100 points, New York City garnered 68.59 points (Madison, WI had 68.73). It’s respectable, yes, but there is definitely room for improvement.

Just across the Hudson River, Jersey City ranked fifth overall on WalletHub’s list. It scored 63.25 out of 100, ranking second in “caring for the community,” 48th in “caring for the vulnerable,” and 11th in “caring in the workforce.”

And, taking a little jab at New York City’s mortal enemy, Los Angeles, the so-called City of Angels ranked 38th with a score of 55.48. Maybe we should switch titles…