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Not What You Want On a 100-Degree Day: Fires in Williamsburg and Chinatown

Thought today was a scorcher? Just be glad you’re not wearing an FDNY uniform. Firefighters were taken to hospitals this morning when blazes broke out on the fringes of Chinatown and in Williamsburg.

The fire at 75-83A Elizabeth St., near Hester Street, started around 8:30 a.m. (the cause has yet to be determined) and lit up the first floor of a building that houses two hair salons and apartments. It was under control by 10:05 a.m., the fire department said.
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Want to Live in an ‘Old-School Williamsburg Apartment’?

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.29.36 AMYou know things have gone topsy turvy when even realtors are pining after “old-school Williamsburg.” According to the broker, this 3-bedroom apartment is in a “creative, artsy, industrial building as you would expect to find in Williamsburg before the condo developments started moving in.”

Lisa Kanouse — keeping it real! Except, she’s also marketing a 1-bedroom in a luxury building for $4,295 a month. Oh.

But whatever: this “old-school Williamsburg apartment” has views of Manhattan, so, just like the days of yore, you can “stand at the water’s edge, gazing longingly at the bright lights of Manhattan, salivating,” as Jeffrey Steingarten put it.

And the building has “outside bike storage.” So, street signs?

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And Another Thing, Mr. Steingarten: Roberta’s Is NOT 8 Blocks From the Train

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 9.22.21 AM
Man, we got so worked up yesterday about Vogue’s patronizing praise of Brooklyn dining that we forgot to mention one of the things that irked us the most: Jeffrey Steingarten’s complaint about the “subway ride that often dumped us eight dark and unfamiliar blocks from supper” at Roberta’s.
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Relive the Tompkins Square Park Riots In Their Bloody Entirety, 25 Years Later

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 6.44.47 PM
Southerners have their Civil War reenactments but what do East Villagers have when it comes to reliving their defining battle? Just the annual Tompkins Square Park Riot reunion shows. But this year, on the 25th anniversary of that tumultuous night when cops went gonzo on a group protesting the park curfew (resulting in over 100 complaints of brutality), they’re getting much, much more.
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Vogue Makes the ‘Long, Bumpy,’ ‘Perilous,’ ‘Costly, Time-Consuming, Often Nauseating’ Trek into Brooklyn


This month's issue of Vogue also includes a Brooklyn-themed fashion spread featuring Devon Aoki (right) outside of the Bedford Cheese Shop.

This month’s issue of Vogue also includes a Brooklyn-themed fashion spread featuring Devon Aoki (right) outside of the Bedford Cheese Shop.

It’s apparently been too long since a middle-aged Manhattanite went on safari in Brooklyn, so none other than Vogue has gone and published “A Distant Shore,” in which Jeffrey Steingarten “table-hops around New York’s most talked-about borough.” Oh, boy.

If the name Steingarten sounds familiar it’s not because you’re thinking of Soundgarden — it’s because a few years ago, Vogue’s restaurant critic touched off a small shitstorm among foodie types when he told Grub Street about the “dangers of Brooklyn boosterism,” recalling the time his Brooklyn-proud assistant brought him a croissant from some bakery she liked over there and he found it “only acceptable” compared to the great croissanteries of Manhattan (you know, like, Au Bon Pain).
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No, Hannah Horvath Did Not Snort Coke Off This Toilet

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 2.05.18 PMAn apartment listing on Craigslist wants to know: “Do u watch GIRLS?”

If so, “you’re sure to LOVE this completely unrelated apartment in Greenpoint!” a Twitter user mocks.

Okay, so Hannah and Adam never did it against this particular stove, but $3,099 to live in a 2-bedroom apartment in the far reaches of Greenpoint is totally worth it to count Ray’s place of employment as your neighborhood cafe. Except Grumpy is a 17-minute walk from the corner of West Street and Huron Street where the shiny new digs are located. (Hey, at least the ferry is just a block or two down, as the lister points out.)

The question is, after springing for this place, are you even going to have enough petty cash left lying around to afford HBO? If you like “Girls” and you’re on Hannah’s budget you might want to keep looking.

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LODRO Brings ‘Neo-Noir Punk’ to SummerScreen Tonight

Tonight, SummerScreen takes over McCarren Park for an evening of free music and a screening of “Peewee’s Big Adventure.” Starting at 7pm, you’ll hear from power-pop dudes Oberhofer, saxo-pop outfit Bueno, and self-described neo-noir punk trio LODRO.

We thought this an opportune moment to chat with LODRO frontwoman Lesley Hann, formerly of the Fat Possum band Friends. Where Friends brought a funk-tinged take on the ‘60s girl-group pop sound with tracks like “Friend Crush,” Bushwick-based up-and-comers LODRO sound decidedly more Wednesday Addams-goes-to-Glasslands Gallery.
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Get Down: An East Village Radio Show Is DJing a Williamsburg Subway Station

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 12.20.50 PMThe nouveau newsstand at the Metropolitan stop just got even funkier — and we’re not talking about your typical subway-station funk. The guys from Chances With Wolves — the awesome and dizzyingly eclectic show on East Village Radio — will DJ there tomorrow at 7pm, so do take out your earbuds when you’re transferring from the L to the G. This is hands-down the best thing to happen to the subway system since countdown clocks.
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