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Meet the Woman Who Uses a Smart Vibrator to Turn Her Orgasms Into Music

(Photo: Farah Idrees)

In a small East Village apartment, a girl who goes by Von has combined her bedroom and her music in more ways than one. Physically, a keyboard, mic and laptop are a few strides from her bed. Creatively, Von makes music with the wave forms of her own orgasm taken from a smart vibrator. At 21, the NYU student makes what she calls “sex-positive synth pop” using pulsating beats, piercing percussion and lyrics of sexual empowerment. This past Valentine’s Day, Von released a music video and a sex-ed PSA campaign on her digital platform, Vondom Labs, and she plans to release a new song and video in early April. Here, Von—who doesn’t put her real name in press because she doesn’t want her dad’s corporate coworkers to make any assumptions—talks about her music, Vondom Labs and the importance of destigmatizing sex talk.

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