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After a Fire, Food Coop Ponders Its Place in Bushwick

(Photos courtesy of Bushwick Food Coop)

A fire outside the beloved Bushwick Food Coop burst the shop’s storefront window in the early morning of July 3. After shattering the glass, the heat seeped into the building and activated overhead sprinklers, causing thousands of dollars worth of smoke and water damage. Three months after the incident, Bushwick Food Coop is still trying to reopen, but the process is slow and painful. Having raised just $11,000 of its $60,000 fundraising goal, there’s still a long way to go.  More →

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How Many Thousands of Calories Does It Take to Become San Gennaro’s Cannoli King and Zeppole Czar?

Selfie by Wayne Algenio.

Despite the ferris wheels and free piña coladas, the real attraction at this year’s San Gennaro festival was Queens native Wayne Algenio. He dominated the eating contests by winning two out of the three, first devouring 38 cannoli in six minutes on Friday, Sept. 13, then stuffing down 54 zeppoli in the same timeframe less than a week later. The only reason he didn’t represent at the meatball competition? He had signed up for a mac and cheese eating contest the same day (which he won).  More →

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Amid the Funnel Cakes, San Gennaro Not So Sweet For Some in Little Italy

Samir Ghosh’s gift shop, as (un)seen from the street. (Photo: Kai Burkhardt)

As much as many New Yorkers love the annual San Gennaro feast for its endless amounts of sausage and peppers, meatballs and just about anything that can be deep fried, it’s a huge dolore al collo for some local businesses. Last year, a whopping 945,000 pounds of trash were collected over the 11-day feast, according to Mort Berkowitz, who runs the festival. And the pizza-stained plates and discarded piña colada cups are just the start of the headaches. More →

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Meet the Woman Who Uses a Smart Vibrator to Turn Her Orgasms Into Music

(Photo: Farah Idrees)

In a small East Village apartment, a girl who goes by Von has combined her bedroom and her music in more ways than one. Physically, a keyboard, mic and laptop are a few strides from her bed. Creatively, Von makes music with the wave forms of her own orgasm taken from a smart vibrator. At 21, the NYU student makes what she calls “sex-positive synth pop” using pulsating beats, piercing percussion and lyrics of sexual empowerment. This past Valentine’s Day, Von released a music video and a sex-ed PSA campaign on her digital platform, Vondom Labs, and she plans to release a new song and video in early April. Here, Von—who doesn’t put her real name in press because she doesn’t want her dad’s corporate coworkers to make any assumptions—talks about her music, Vondom Labs and the importance of destigmatizing sex talk.

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