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For $150 Monthly, Katz’s Deli Comes To Your Doorstep

(image via @katzdeli / Instagram)

The Lower East Side’s beloved Katz’s Delicatessen has changed the game for the subscription food industry by debuting a pastrami on-demand service this week. Bloomberg first broke the news that the 130-year-old Jewish deli has launched a monthly subscription box, bringing deli meats to doorsteps nationwide. More →

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We Followed the Clues to a Rooftop Storytelling Circle Hosted By Chaos Magicians

The emailed instructions, addressed to Cosmonauts of Narrative, said to look for the man in the red fez, which was easy enough, but his directions were more complex. “Take a left out of the bar and click to the next slide every half block,” participants in the night’s Constellations of Ego event were told as we were handed View-Masters and sent out of Bed Stuy’s cozy Project Parlor and into the misty evening. If correctly interpreted, the retro-formatted clues led to the side entrance of a kosher supermarket. Homemade stick-and-gauze-wrapped stars were handed out to all by an eye-patched organizer in the unremarkable entryway before we were sent skyward, the journey upwards guided by a fleet of golden lamps hung in the space between the rails. On the roof, circles formed around electric campfires and the storytellers started in.

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How a Bike Messenger Captured ’70s and ’80s NYC in a Tarot Deck

In 1987, bike messenger Giani Siri self-published The New York Tarot, a 93-card deck with photos of New Yorkers and city scenes used as art for the traditional major and minor arcana characters. Largely unknown and never widely available, the deck is both a time capsule and a love letter to New York in the 1970s and ‘80s.

The sepia-toned images feature “NY’s resident alien” Quentin Crisp as Strength, pagan journalist Margot Adler as the High Priestess, Hugo-winning science fiction novelist Samuel Delany as the Hanged Man, and high-wire walker Philippe Petit as The Fool. There are also non-human icons: Lady Liberty is the Empress, the Unisphere is The World, the Moondance Diner is (what else?) the Moon. And there are the thoroughly unknown, untold people and corners of a New York more than three decades past. Giani herself is featured as the Queen of Swords.

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