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Musicians and DJs Turn Up the Volume For BLM

Paperboy Love Prince at Occupy City Hall NYC in June. (Photo courtesy of @paperboytheprince).

Sabrina Chap had been avoiding protests in the city due to health concerns when she had a vision, mid-shower, of New Yorkers dancing simultaneously in their apartments to the music of Nina Simone. To the musician, it seemed like a workable alternative to traditional in-the-streets protest. 

When New York City set its historic curfew on June 1, she saw an opportunity. “I felt that they were trying to intimidate us inside and quell our voices,” Chap said, “and I was like, well, fuck that, let’s just turn up the volume in our homes.” So Chap created @audioprotest. More →

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How a Spontaneous Instagram Account Became the Central Source For BLM Protests in NYC

The creator of @justiceforgeorge wasn’t prepared for it to get this big. 

While scrolling through Twitter last Friday, Anne (who works anonymously and whom we are identifying with a pseudonym) stumbled across a thread by @chaoticcoochie. The thread included locations and times for Black Lives Matter demonstrations in New York and Connecticut protesting the police killing of 46 year-old Minnesota man George Floyd. Thinking it might be difficult for some people to find, Anne decided to share the information by creating an Instagram account, @justiceforgeorgenyc, and posting it there. “I didn’t think it was anything special,” Anne said. “I kind of just assumed that there were other accounts like this.” More →

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Is It Really a Rare Book Fair Without the Smell of Old Books?

March 7 was the last time Will Baker went out to dinner. It was the weekend of the International Antiquarian Book Fair, which went off just before the city’s official “pause” order on March 20. The owner of W.C. Baker Books and Ephemera recalled an off feeling in the air. “There was this sort of unease,” Baker said. “People didn’t really realize what was about to happen.”  More →

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Can You Treat Coronavirus With Magic? Depends Which Spiritualist You Ask

Temple of Hecate Inc. High Priestess Laurie Bizzarro at a recent Saturday Zoom ritual. (Photo courtesy of Laurie Bizzarro.)

During a Saturday Zoom ritual for “World Healing” run by The Temple of Hecate Inc., the ancient Greek goddess spoke through High Priestess Laurie Bizzarro’s lips: “Use this time in quarantine to dig deep within yourself! Wait for the spring, the eternal spring that will come!” Laurie’s head dipped down, her sleek ash-blonde hair shot off her shoulders, her black bell sleeves slid down in waterfalls at her elbows. She took a deep breath before adding: “I will bring you through and have faith!” The ritual-goers murmured, mouthed, and shouted, “Hail to the Hecate!” in echoing rounds.  More →

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Think the Election Is a Circus? Wait’ll You See This Comedy Show

(Photos courtesy of Andrea Jones-Rooy)

On Saturday, February 15, Andrea Jones-Rooy hung from a lira—a circus tool that looks like some industrial hula hoop—on stage at the Lower East Side bar and performance venue Caveat NYC. The angsty, rocking lilt of “My Own Worst Enemy” blasted. The crowd whooped as she flapped her gossamer cape like green-hued wings. On the projector behind her, “vote for me!” buttons danced and a life-sized, leering Joe Biden popped up with sheepish finger guns blazing. She spun on her lira, head thrown back, while Biden went up in rudimentarily animated flames.  More →

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Witchcraft Is Everywhere, and I’m Trying It Out For a Spell

Emma Westbrook is a modern witch, business owner, and intuitive. She’s been reading tarot since age 16. (Photos courtesy of the subjects.)

On the Aries full moon, October 13, Emma Westbrook, an Aries, orders iced coffee. Her sharp, neon space babe acrylic nails toy with her disintegrating compostable straw. A nostalgic smile tugs at her lips as she recalls her first spell, one she cast on her high school boyfriend. She sat at the counter in her family’s Long Island kitchen with some cinnamon (to “quicken things”), some basil (a “love herb”) and two unscented tea-lights because her parents “hate scents.” More →