In what might be the most delightful intra-indie homage since Sleater-Kinney sang “I wanna be your Thurston Moore,” the new single from The Get Up Kids, titled “Lou Barlow,” starts out: “I saw Lou Barlow on the street / I don’t think he noticed me.” Now, in a real stroke of genius, the Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh singer-guitarist stars in the song’s music video, out today.

The marvelously meta video, filmed this past summer, shows Barlow, in all of his hirsute glory, catching wind of a Get Up Kids concert at Bowery Ballroom and trying to blag his way in by showing the bouncer that the band named a song after him. He even flashes what looks like his actual Massachusetts drivers license. When he’s refused, he has one of his patented Barlow breakdowns. We’ve seen these tantrums on stage before, so this isn’t exactly method acting. But Barlow insists, in a press release, that he “acted the shit out of that.” MTV Video Music Awards, take note.

“We kept joking how hilarious it would be if we could get Lou Barlow to be in the video for ‘Lou Barlow,’” Get Up Kids frontman Matt Pryor is quoted as saying. “It was absolute luck that we both happened to be in New York on the same day. When he agreed, we were thrilled. When we saw how much he put into the video, we were floored. He was amazing.”

The song is about a couple nearing the end of their relationship– and while it’s unlikely to replace Sebadoh’s “Soul and Fire” in the classic breakup song category, you have to agree with Get Up Kids that it’s a bad sign when your partner refuses to hum along to Lou Barlow.