Video by Angelo Fabara

H.R. Giger is having somewhat of a moment lately, as a new documentary about his Oscar-winning visual effects work, Memory: the Origins of Alien, is now streaming, and a tribute exhibition curated by outré auteur Harmony Korine, “Birth Machine Baby,” is set to open at Gagosian Gallery on Nov. 5. And then there’s this: Last night, supermodel Heidi Klum slithered into her annual Halloween party looking very much like the Swiss sci-fi surrealist’s iconic alien.

Check out our video of her and husband Tom Kaulitz, dressed as an astronaut who’s had an all-to-close encounter with this space case, making their entrance at the new Moxy hotel in the East Village. Their gussied-up guests included Ice-T and Coco (as a Purge participant and Blonde Ambition-era Madonna), Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka (as hair metal rockers), Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka (as the Olsen twins), Queer Eye‘s Jonathan van Ness and Antoni Porowski (as a frisky leopard and a zombie Blockbuster employee), Lily Allen and David Harbour (as Kris Jenner and Jack Torrance from The Shining), Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin (as San and Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke), Drew Barrymore and Stella McCartney, and a flock of Heidi’s fellow Victoria’s Secret models.

Of course, no one managed to upstage the party’s hostess, who, earlier that day, sat for hours in the display window of an Amazon bookstore on 34th Street as she was slowly transformed by a team of makeup and prosthetics artists into a creepy combination of Frankenstein’s monster and Giger’s xenomorph. Here’s our video of her making the rounds:

Video by Angelo Fabara

Now in its 20th year, Klum’s party was previously held at the Moxy’s Times Square location, where last year the highlight was a group of red-robed Rajneeshees. This time, it went down at the Moxy’s new East Village location, in its Tao-operated, Rockwell-designed Cathédrale restaurant (the name and decor nod to the Fillmore East, the “Church of Rock ‘n Roll” that used to be located nearby).

Appropriately enough for Halloween, the hotel was built on a burial ground of sorts, as it replaced a row of 19th-century tenement buildings that did not die easy. But the protests that occurred almost exactly three years ago didn’t seem to be on the minds of DJ Questlove and revelers dressed as Karl Lagerfeld, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, flower-crowned Midsommar cultists, and Theranos scammer Elizabeth Holmes, complete with black turtleneck and blood-test nanotainer. Oh, and who can forget the guy dressed as Andy Kaufman alterego Tony Clifton, very much in character thanks to the free-flowing vodka.

Here’s video of David Harbour, from Stranger Things, doing his best Jack Torrance. Obviously, someone dropped the ball when they were casting Doctor Sleep: