Tin canny… or uncanny?

Last week Elon Musk revealed the apparent result of that weed he smoked on the Joe Rogan podcast: the Tesla cybertruck, a retrofuturistic wedge that’s made of dent-proof stainless steel and supposedly shatterproof glass— in case Alec Baldwin ever steps to you over a parking spot.

The cybertruck is capable of dragging a Ford pickup and even more adept at being dragged on Twitter. Its

highly polarizing look was inspired partly by Blade Runner and partly by a James Bond submarine car, according to Musk. Personally, I think it looks like Bucky Fuller hot-boxed a geodesic dome and reimagined the sardine can. But is it possible Musk took the design from a dad in Brooklyn?

The car you see above is not a prototype for the Tesla truck. Nor is it a SpaceX concept rover. We found it parked on the street in Prospect Heights. The steel-clad Chevrolet Blazer is the handiwork of local resident Charles Walters, the co-owner of Williamsburg Pizza who once experimented with drone pizza delivery. Compared to this father of two’s space tank, the $39,900-and-up Tesla truck looks downright basic.

The Tesla truck may be bulletproof and sledgehammer-proof, but is it lawsuit-proof? Those beleaguered stockholders better hope so, because it looks suspiciously similar to this car that, per its creator, is “designed for a time warp disturbance somewhere above Brooklyn.”