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We’re Tired
Thursday, August 29 at Cobra Club, 8 pm: FREE

Thursday is a strange day. It’s not quite as close to the weekend as Friday is, but still gives you a looming sense of freedom. At the same time, it’s several days into the work week, which can make anyone feel weary. Comedians Irene Fagan Merrow and Amanda Hurley may very well be tired in the standard work week sense, but they’re also exhausted for another reason: seeing too many shows flooded with straight white men. Indeed, even in this day and age they still manage to find a way to populate, well, everywhere. As a counter to this, We’re Tired features performers who don’t identify as that. This time, they’re welcoming comedians Yedoye Travis, Alissa May Atkinson, Jordan Temple, Rachel Sennott, and Carolyn Castiglia.


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Butch Queen
Friday, August 30 at Club Cumming, 6 pm: $5

Drag is usually known for outrageous femininity: spidery lashes, mountains of glitter, wigs so thick and styled they could survive a hurricane. And don’t even get me started on the makeup. That’s all fine and good, but it’s not all drag is. Enter Butch Queen, a new offering from queer party people Leslie NYC that “pays homage to the iconic dyke.” Plus, it’s not even just a drag show—performers of all stripes will be presenting their interpretation of butchness, from comedy to music and beyond. While the night will be quite long, get there early to enjoy happy hour specials til 8 pm.


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High Notes Backyard Show
Saturday, August 31 at 279 South 5th Street, 8 pm: $10 suggested donation

Yes, it’s still August, but the weather is starting to cool off, so much so that I’ve donned pants and a jacket almost every day this week. This change is a sad (get it?) reminder that Seasonal Affective Disorder is about to rear its head once more, but it’s not frigid quite yet. There’s still time to frolic outdoors, and why not do so at a musical comedy show loosely themed around cannabis? Yes, it’s the return of Tessa Skara’s High Notes show, but this time it’s in a backyard. Bring a jacket (and maybe a joint) and take in the sights and sounds of Marie Faustin, Emily Oliveira, Celeste Yim, Rachel Pegram, and Rachel Kaly.


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Queer Memoir: Sports
Sunday, September 1 at Caveat, 3:30 pm doors, 4 pm show: $10 advance, $11 doors

Though it seems lofty, saying that stories are the backbone of pretty much everything out there wouldn’t be an incorrect proclamation. However, as we know, some stories get more airtime (and funding) than others, a thing many people and places have been working tirelessly to change for many, many years. One of those institutions is Queer Memoir, a storytelling show that has been around for years and prioritizes earnestness over irony. This time, the theme centers around sports. Plus, the show starts at a reasonable 4 pm on a Sunday, so you can sleep in, get brunch, and still be home in time to have dinner and go to sleep at a practical hour (or go out that night, anything’s possible).