(image courtey of Shoebox Museum)

Shoebox Museum
Opening Thursday, August 29 at 198 Allen Street, 10 am to 7 pm. On view through August 31.

Sneaker culture has reached a bit of a fever pitch in the past few years, with people worldwide getting their kicks (figuratively and literally) from reselling and/or buying flashy shoes of all sorts, as long as they resemble a sneaker. Historically, shoes come in boxes, and aside from being a convenient storage method and material for your elementary school dioramas of yore, shoeboxes are an opportunity to showcase both function and creativity and design, just like the shoes inside it do. The Shoebox Museum understands this, and for a few short days will be filling the Lower East Side with shoeboxes aplenty, from recognizable classics to the innovative and even avant-garde.

Dennis Kleidon, Taliesin Unleashed #3 (2019) (image courtesy of Walter Wickiser Gallery)

Taleisin | Unleashed
Opening Thursday, August 29 at Walter Wickiser Gallery. On view through September 25.

Ah, abstract art. It can mean whatever you want it to, or it can mean nothing at all. Either way, it sure gives you a lot to look at. Come Thursday, you can get a fresh eyeful of abstraction at Chelsea’s Walter Wickiser Gallery, where a solo exhibition of bluesy paintings by Dennis Kleidon will be on view, with an official opening reception the following Thursday evening. Kleidon’s paintings are serenely swirling, using thick brushstrokes to create cascading shapes of blue, red, yellow, and white that almost look like they’re dancing—fitting, as Kleidon is also a trained pianist. And if you’re on the hunt for even more abstraction, the gallery is also opening a show of orange, rust-tinged painting work by Don Ahn, on view through September 25 as well.