(image via Junior Mint / Facebook)

In Living Color!
Weekly on Wednesdays at UpNorth, 9 pm: FREE

There are so many drag shows in the city, they can be hard to keep track of. When a show happens every week, it can create a comfortable consistency; you always know it’s going to be there. The newest weekly sensation to hit Bushwick is In Living Color, a free evening of drag and burlesque hosted by effervescent drag performer Junior Mint, who may be new on the scene but has so much talent and vibrant presence that you’d never know it. Every Wednesday, she hosts a crop of multitalented local performers for your entertainment, while you sip drinks and dine on vegetarian food from the bar. This week features Rara Darling, Thee Suburbia, and Tink, with gogo dancing and kittening by Foxy Belle Afriq.


(image via Dusty Lynn Childers / Facebook)

Campfire Queer Storytime
Thursday, May 23 at Dixon Place, 7:30 pm: FREE (donation suggested)

Storytelling once started as something modest and casual, a way to pass folktales and other narratives down before it was feasible to commit them to writing. Now, it’s evolved into a much bigger art form, with storytelling shows filling huge auditoriums in that same way that stand-up comedy does. But Campfire Queer Storytime, Dusty Childers’s recurring show in the lounge of Dixon Place, wants to harken back to simpler times, times where you would gather around a campfire and tell stories even if you weren’t trying to gain a social media following as a storyteller. (If you are, you’re welcome too.) This time, the show welcomes Katherine Rose Turbes and Jason Villegas to the mic.


(image courtesy of Shark Party Media)

Friday, May 24 at Judson Memorial Church, 7:30 pm: $20

As I mentioned in last week’s Picks, people like crime, even if it’s true, as long as it isn’t happening to them. True crime stories most commonly pop up in books and screen-based media (and recently, podcasts, because everything has to have a podcast now), but you can wander into a historic Greenwich Village church this Friday night to find one unfolding right before your eyes. In the form of theater, I should clarify. Specifically, Lauren Maul’s Bucolic, a musical that delves into various stories of crime and murder that may have actually happened in Maul’s hometown of Nebraska. While you watch these tales of violence, you can imbibe upon orange drink and fill your hungry mouth with animal crackers—just try not to choke when matters get grisly.


(photo: Imani Dennison)

May 23 through June 2 at La MaMa, 8 pm (Sundays at 5 pm): $25 ($20 students/seniors)

You’ve probably heard that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, and naturally, institutions of all types are commemorating this milestone. East Village experimental theater mainstay La MaMa is no exception: they’re curating a month of queer performance in their downstairs theater, the first of which is Nia O. Witherspoon’s play Messiah. Featuring a cast and crew that’s mostly queer and trans people of color, the play centers around a trans teenager coming of age during the Black Panther Party’s heyday. They come up with an alter-ego, a basketball-savvy rapper named Messiah, and through this character, learn how to explore themselves and society more deeply.