(image via Abxy Gallery)

Conversation Derelict
Opening Friday, March 29 at Abxy Gallery, 7 pm. On view through May 15. 

If you’re a fashion buff, you might know Corey Wash from when she walked the Gypsy Sport runway last month while pregnant, or perhaps you’re one of over 21,000 people who follow her on Instagram. But Wash is also a prolific visual artist; Conversation Derelict, her latest solo show, opens at ABXY Gallery on the Lower East Side this Friday. Wash prefers to work in a casual, doodle-esque style, layering paint on top of marker and oil pastel to create linework-driven pieces that resemble moments from a contemporary comic.

(image via Lucas Lucas)

Infinitas x Incognita
Opening Friday, March 29 at Lucas Lucas, 6 pm to 9 pm. On view through April 19. 

The next exhibition at Lucas Lucas, a Williamsburg gallery that multitasks as a “concept space” that hosts gatherings and live music while also selling jewelry and art, dips its toes into the mysterious. A solo show for Italian sculptor and jeweler Dalila Pasotti, Infinitas x Incognita presents an array of three-dimensional works that explore otherworldly planes and existences beyond what we can perceive. Pasotti’s works frequently incorporate human heads and bodies, rendered mostly in white alabaster and ceramic. This style nods to past sculptors whose works fills places like The Met, but imbued with a witchy modern twist.

(image via Empirical Nonsense / Facebook)

Opening Friday, March 29 at Empirical Nonsense, 6 pm to 8 pm. On view through May 18. 

While some sculpture and ceramic work tries to remain smooth and pristine, artist Caitlin Rose Sweet prefers to lean into the rougher, queerer edges. Her practice (and next solo show, opening Friday at LES gallery Empirical Nonsense) centers around the idea of the “feminist vessel,” bringing innovative new life to traditional forms of craft like cups, mugs, and pipes. Lips, chains, genitalia, and sharp nails abound in Sweet’s creations, which are emblazoned with eye-catching colors and patterns. They’re part intimidating and dangerous, part tempting empowerment.