Valentine’s Day is, of course, when the city’s master toques spin sensuous tasting menus by pulling oysters, cocoa nibs, and other aphrodisiacs from their quiver. But are New Yorkers taking their lovers to Applebee’s and Outback Steakhouse instead?

The folks over at Lyft have sent over a list of “the most popular Valentine’s spots in New York City,” according to their ride-share data from last year. And we’re not talking Le Bernardin. More like Benihana.

First, the good news: East Williamsburg venue Elsewhere topped the list of bars and restaurants, which is understandable. Last year, John Maus played the venue, and who wouldn’t want to spend a romantic evening with the brooding crooner who released an album titled Love Letters From Hell? House of Yes came in at #2, which also makes sense: Its “Fuck Love” shindig, which is happening again this year, made a list of “Brooklyn’s Least Heteronormative Valentine’s Day Parties.” The Bell House was also a shoo-in for #5: This year, the Gowanus venue will once again host a Morrissey party with Sons & Heirs, a Smiths tribute band that has gotten a shoutout from band member Andy Rourke.

Now, the WTF news: Four of the 10 establishments on Lyft’s list are chain restaurants. Red Lobster? Applebee’s? Outback Steakhouse? Benihana? ReallyNew York? With all these Valentine’s readings, art shows, and screenings going on? (Not to mention the Ridgewood bar that will shred your ex’s photo and give you a free drink.) You’re hot for Lobsteritas?

Lyft wouldn’t provide numbers, so we can’t tell you exactly how many New Yorkers are eating good in the neighborhood, but here’s the list of top bars and restaurants:

  1. Elsewhere – 599 Johnson Ave #1, Brooklyn

  2. House of Yes – 2 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn

  3. Brooklyn Bowl – 61 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn

  4. The Woods – 48 S 4th St, Brooklyn

  5. The Bell House – 149 7th St, Brooklyn

  6. Red Lobster – multiple locations

  7. Applebee’s Grill + Bar – multiple locations

  8. Benihana – multiple locations

  9. Mr. Chow – multiple locations

  10. Outback Steakhouse – multiple locations