After dropping an album of Trump dis tracks last year, Tim Heidecker is still fighting that good fight and turning our president’s verbal poop slurry into killer tunes. Today the musician-comedian, best known as half of Tim and Eric, is releasing a new EP, Another Year In Hell: Collected Songs from 2018Up above, you’ll find a new video, created by “perfect satirist for the Trump era” Vic Berger, for the song “The Ballad of ICE Agent Ray,” a country-western tune documenting the not-so-happy trails of family separation.

If the word Spaghett means anything to you, you’ve probably heard some of these tracks before. But a couple of them have gotten new twists. “Tobin and the Judge” is a hum-along ode to toxic masculinity, with Kavanaughty lyrics like “Summertime and country clubs / drinking beer and throwing up / another brewski in my cup.” Originally a guitar-and-vocals performance recorded backstage and posted to YouTube, the album version is fully orchestrated by composer Bobby Halvorson.

“Ballad of the Incel Man” voices the romantic aspirations of a Hillary-hating alt-righter: “Got my picture of Obama / which we’ll burn in effigy / and I hope I find a like-minded girl tonight at the Trump rally.” The album’s “Nebraska Version” sounds even more Springstonian.

“Q” is an upbeat nod to conspiracy theories, from the faked moon landing to lizard people to the titular deep state agent. A newly recorded number, “Rake the Floor,” is a Californian’s tribute to the Fire Marshall Bill of wildfires, with a chorus of: “Pick up a rake and rake the leaves off the floor / cut down the trees and sell the wood at the store / pick up a rake and rake the leaves off the floor / and we ain’t gonna have no forest fires anymore.”

If all this political crooning makes you miss the days of “I Sit Down When I Pee,” don’t fret. Heidecker recently announced some new live dates for “On Cinema,” his unhinged take on “At the Movies,” with Gregg Turkington (aka Neil Hamburger). You can find those dates here.