When he immortalized the words “spring break forever,” he meant it. The red-band trailer for Harmony Korine’s The Beach Bum just landed, and it finds the director of Spring Breakers once again plumbing the soul of Florida Man, humanity’s ne plus ultra of low-rent debauchery and depravity. In this case, in lieu of James Franco’s Alien, we have Matthew McConaughey as Moondog, described as a “rebellious burnout who always lives life by his own rules.” Basically, he’s a turnt Big Lebowski.

There’s so much going on in this new trailer, it practically screams “LOOK AT MY SHIT.” Observe:

  1. Moondog engaging in “poetic foreplay”
  2. Moondog riding a speedboat named Moondog
  3. Moondog feeding PBR to a kitten
  4. A machine-gun-wielding Martin Lawrence feeding cocaine to a parrot
  5. Snoop Dogg, dressed in a Jimi Hendrix jacket, admiring Moondog in a thong
  6. Moondog wearing a gas-mask bong on a tennis court
  7. Moondog bellyflopping into a pool with a baseball bat
  8. Moondog smashing an open-air piano (a Spring Breakers reprise?) with a baseball bat
  9. Moondog driving a lime-green Lamborghini
  10. Moondog and Snoop driving an Auburn Speedster Supercharged
  11. Moondog flying with a blind and high Rastafarian pilot on Chronic Aviation airlines
  12. Moondog and Jimmy Buffet drinking and smoking cigars in the pool while Mr. Margaritaville gets his shoulders rubbed by a half-naked woman
  13. Zac Efron with a beard that… well, it can’t really be explained.

The Beach Bum hits theaters March 29. Before that, it’ll premiere at SXSW. After watching the trailer below, you may just want to charter a Chronic Aviation flight down to Austin.