(image via Talk Hole / Facebook)

GAPE: Gift Activating Public Experience
Wednesday, December 5 at The Oculus at Westfield World Trade Center, 7:30 pm: FREE

While government organizations like USPS are taking the day off today to mourn George H.W. Bush and making my packages arrive in the mail a day later than they’re supposed to, which I will continue to be excessively salty about, others are taking to the streets for a little public engagement. Or shall I say, engape-ment? Anyhow, weirdo comedy queers Talk Hole (Stephen Phillips-Horst and Eric Schwartau) are taking over the World Trade Center Oculus for a seasonal evening of jokes, surprises, gifts, and gapes. Maybe not the last two, this is a public space after all, but you never know with these guys. Joining the duo will be Cole Escola, Ayo Edebiri, Lily Marotta, Ruby McCollister, Alex Schmidt, and DJ Physical Therapy.


(flyer courtesy of Harris Mayersohn)

Harris Mayersohn: Without A Shirt
December 6-8 at Vital Joint, 8 pm (Thursday and Friday and 7:30 pm): $7 advance, $10 doors

We all feel weird and/or gross about our bodies from time to time (sometimes all the time), but not everyone makes a show about these feelings. Comedian Harris Mayersohn did, in which he explores the tangled brain-web that is body dysmorphia and the claim that he may just have “the funniest body in America.” It’s not easy going at such a topic alone, so on each of the show’s three nights he’ll be joined by two other comedians doing stand-up sets; Thursday welcomes Caroline Yost and Talib Babb.


Zapatografia / Shoegraphy
December 6-8 at Abrons Arts Center, 7:30 pm: $21

Performer and choreographer Larissa Velez-Jackson is no stranger to working with dancers in an older age group; Yackez, the zany duo she has with her husband, staged a show in 2017 featuring a mix of young, trained dancers and senior women from the aerobics class Velez-Jackson teaches during the day. This time, she’s recruited members of the Henry Street Settlement Senior Center, who are neighbors with Abrons Arts Center. Through comedy, dance, props, and more, the performance attempts to parse through the tensions and unique dynamics existing between longtime working-class residents of the Lower East Side and the artistic community (often young transplants, often white) that flocks to the area for artistic reasons.


(image via Caveat / Facebook)

Thirsty White Ally
Saturday, December 8 at Caveat, 6:30 pm: $8 advance, $10 doors

If you saw that wretched Ariana Grande thinkpiece published the other day (and bless your sane heart if you don’t know what I’m talking about), you can probably agree with me that striving too hard to look woke can be a bad thing. Comedian Rachel Joravsky’s new satirical show Thirsty White Ally aims to enthusiastically educate on how to correctly be an ally to marginalized groups in America, or at least how to try and maybe fail but still really feel like you did something good. Accompanying this woke display will be standup by Rachel Pegram, Karen Chee, and Dewayne Perkins.